About us


Blockchain Technology for Global Health Ensuring Universal Health Access for You and Your Loved Ones



To become the source of hope for people excluded from access to health


To build an ecosystem for excellence in life science, health and education



We believe in a future where everybody has access to best health products and services. We believe in great health that is easily accessible and affordable to all. We believe in a future of universal health access by provide a solution to:

  • improve health related quality of life (QOL) and quality adjusted life years (QALY)
  • reduce the enormous burden of disease (BoD) particularly in the developing world, and eliminate years of life lost (YLL) due to disease


To create a health conscious community that rewards people who provide valuable contribution to knowledge in lifescience, health  and education through a reward system

To facilitate and support Ubrica online retail store known as Soko Janja (see shop.ubrica.com) to help operationalize wealth creation by each individual in any given community

To support design, development and construction of at least 100 health centers in Kenya

To support  the design and development of science and technology parks in developing countries which will facilitate sharing of knowledge, promote innovation and advance research to viable commercial products

To support the design and implementation of Biomedical Industrial city



To explain the significance of Ubricoin we have to think about the stakeholders of the coin. We have two types of stakeholders:

  • Core stakeholders -those visible and readily identifiable parties with a stake in the firm’s existing operations: investors, directors, staffs, manufacturers and suppliers listed on soko janja, consumers, health providers at URCCs and BMIC and consumers of health in URCCs and BMICs. researchers in STPs.
  • Fringe stakeholders – those who are disconnected from the project itself:marginalized, the voiceless, disinterested, nonhuman, illiterate, the poor, the isolated and the divergent.

Ubricoin aims at changing the external environment by including the distant voices from the fringe stakeholders who are most of times neglected in our society. This will help us understand the concerns of distant and diverse stakeholders. Including the fringe stakeholders allows Ubrica to understand the complex and evolving issues that may potentially affect the basis of its future and addressing them. Ubricoin gives us an opportunity to build an incentive structure for goodwill and excellence . We will therefore focus on  giving incentives to traditionally marginalized hardworking people who contribute knowledge for the betterment of humanity.