Buy Ubricoin Using MPesa

How to participate in the Ubricoin pre-sale 

INSTALL AND ACTIVATE YOUR DIGITAL WALLET TO RECEIVE UBRICOIN (UBN)                                                                                            

In order to receive your UBN, you must install an ERC20 compatible wallet on your smart phone. Multicoin Coinomi wallet or Trust-ERC20 wallet are recommended.

Find any of these wallets in your Android Play Store or IOS App Store:

  1. Download and Install Coinomi or Trust ERC20 Wallet to your smart phone. [Follow instructions for installing wallet very carefully.]
  2. Click on Wallet app.
  3. Once app is open, click, Create New Wallet. After clicking create new wallet, the app will give you a 12 word Seed Phrase.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Create a password for your new Wallet.
  6. By doing so, you have completed to create your wallet.
  7. Get your Wallet Address, also known as, Public Key.
  8. Follow instructions for installing wallet very carefully.
  9. Once you have completed this procedure, send your public key (i.e., Ethereum wallet address) information to

**Be extremely careful with your seed phrase/passphrase, private key and password. Store this information in a place that only you can retrieve. Your seed phrase/passphrase can help you recover your wallet, in case you lose access. Do not store this information in a place that can be accessed online, such as cloud based storage (e.g., Google drive, Dropbox, or your email account). Your information stored in the cloud could be stolen, were your email to be hacked. It is best to store this information in a password protected external drive.


Follow the steps below to get UBN:

  1. It’s time to buy your UBNs. One UBN is KSh. 50/=. Buy as many UBNs as you can afford. Send money to MPesa Till Number 599019 (i.e., Ubrica Limited)
  2. Forward MPesa transaction message to Tel: +254 775 515 577
  3. UBNs will be sent to your Wallet Address